KingFast K Series K25 Ultra-Cache SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2012-12-16

The KingFast Ultra-Cache solution is composed from a SATA2 SSD and special software which will boost our storage system performances after the caching procedure has been completed. What is nice about this solution is that we do not have to perform a Windows system reinstallation to make it work.

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Product Description, Specifications

Product Description:

Get the best of both worlds: SSD like performance and the existing capacity of your hard drive. The Kingfast Cache Solution places your most frequently used files (OS) to Kingfast SSD Cache SSD while leaving your less frequently used files on your hard drive.


No need to mirror or clone your hard drive! Just install the SSD drive and caching software and you are ready to go!


The KingFast Ultra-Cache SSD is a high-speed IO response SSD designed specifically for laptops and personal computers and can significantly improve your computer system's performance. It is simple and quick to install and can be used with popular operating systems like Window XP sp3, Windows Vista, Window7 and Windows 8.


Using a KingFast K Series Ultra-cache SSD can boost your system's read and write performance up to 5x compared to using a hard drive alone. Just add the Ultra-cache SSD to your system, install the intelligent caching software and start enjoying faster boot times & lightning-quick launches for your most commonly used applications.


The Kingfast Ultra Cache solution consists of a high performance SSD drive, bracket and/or cd box drive. Please note that the bracket and cd box drive are purchased separately.


Product Specifications:


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