Hitachi Touro Desk Pro 4TB USB 3.0 External HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2012-12-10

The refreshed Touro Desk Pro from Hitachi comes with a new high capacity 4TB drive, which succeeds to deliver better transfer speeds than the previous, 3TB model. The temperatures of the drives are close to the ones we have seen with the Touro Desk Pro 3TB and the enclosure has the same design lines.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Hitachi has made a refresh of the Touro Desk Pro drives, now with 4TB capacities, which is enough storage in many situations, unless we want to upgrade to a NAS solution with multiple drives. The product is shipped inside a medium-sized cardboard box, with the available storage space written on the frontal side, along with some highlights:




If we turn the box on the side, we will also find out that Hitachi is offering us an additional 3GB of free storage “in the cloud”:




The opposite side comes with the Box Contents list and System Requirements:




On the back, we will find a small product description, in multiple languages:




The enclosure is sealed for more protection and accidental openings during transport:




Besides the Touro Desk Pro external HDD, we will also get a power supply, one USB cable and an extra adapter:




The adapter on the power supply is easy removable in order to install other models (in this case the UK-compatible one):




Also, the power supply is manufactured by Asian Power Devices and is rated on the output 12V, 1.5A:




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