Silicon Power Diamond Series D03 USB 3.0 Portable HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2012-12-04

The speedy D03 USB 3.0 drives from the Diamond Series come from Silicon Power and can be found with different capacities, sport a catchy design and have an internal solid aluminum structure. The outside is scratch resistant and thanks to the 2.5'' drive inside, the product remains very light, weighting only 147 grams.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The latest USB 3.0 HDD from Silicon Power takes part from the Diamond Series and is available in multiple capacities; the packaging isfully sealed initially with a transparent plastic:




On the frontal side of the box, we can see the code name of the product, its storage capacity and some of its features represented by small icons:




The back side comes with a comparison table, showing us how many multimedia files we can store on the drives, depending on the capacity of the internal drive:




Besides the main product and its USB 3.0 cable, we can also find a small User Manual:




Inside the manual we will see the basic steps that we need to perform in order to connect the drive to our computer:




The D03 drive presents itself with a scratch-resistant plastic enclosure and the activity LED, along with the SP logo are also located here:




The laterals of the enclosure are made from shiny black plastic:




A serial number can be also seen on the right side:




On the bottom we'll see the total drive capacity:




In the back, we'll find the usual USB 3.0 connector:




When data is transferred to or from the drive, the activity LED will pulsate blue:



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