Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard for Mac Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-11-19

The new Quiet Pro keyboard from Matias impresses with it's newly designed switches, which produce less noise, maintain a tactile feedback and is equipped with anti-ghosting capabilities. Being a keyboard designed for Mac computers, the key functions are optimized for this platform and common/uncommon symbols are also drawn on the keycaps (which are laser-cut) for easier access.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Quiet Pro keyboard from Matias is shipped inside a quite compact cardboard enclosure, with a clean design and on the front we can observe a photo of the main product:




On the back side of the box, we will see the main product features listed:




Right after opening up the box, we will see the keyboard, wrapped completely inside foam material:




The keyboard also comes with a small documentation leaflet which shows the functionality of the keys on the Mac platform, and also a product catalog:




The catalog teases us to check the other product types from Matias, like the iRizer series of stands for Macbook, iPhone or iPad:




The keyboard comes with the usual format for Macs and Macbooks, which means that we have keys like Control, Option or Command:




The Caps Lock key is provided with a small LED, so we would know when it is activated (the keyboard does not have LEDs in the top right corner like the usual ones on PC, so this one compensates):





Extra symbols are printed right on the keys for easy access and these can be activated by holding down the Option key or Shift-Option:




The F keys also hold functions like Brightness up/down, Expose, Dashboard:




Next, we have the multimedia keys along with the Volume controls:



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Comment from jmke @ 2012/11/19
plastic look doesn't make it ideal match for brushed aluminum of macbook imho