Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard for Mac Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-11-19

The new Quiet Pro keyboard from Matias impresses with it's newly designed switches, which produce less noise, maintain a tactile feedback and is equipped with anti-ghosting capabilities. Being a keyboard designed for Mac computers, the key functions are optimized for this platform and common/uncommon symbols are also drawn on the keycaps (which are laser-cut) for easier access.

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At first I would like to thank The Keyboard Company and Matias for allowing us to test their Quiet Pro Keyboard for Mac.



About Matias:

"Matias began in 1989, in Edgar Matias’ parents’ basement, in a suburb of Toronto. Since that time, it has survived the dot-com boom & bust, the Great Recession, and every other manner of calamity that can befall a startup.


The two main co-founders (Edgar Matias and Steve McGowan) have grown it into a globally recognized brand, known for high quality and a high level of personal customer service — a real person answers when you call / email, and if you have a problem, we try very hard to solve it.


Matias has also gained a reputation for “rescuing” lost technologies, the most famous example being the use of Alps mechanical keyswitches in its award-winning Tactile Pro Keyboard."


About The Keyboard Company:

"In 1989 Geoff Thomas bought a computer for his business. He didn't like the keyboard that came with it but when he asked the installation engineer about an alternative was told: "You just get what comes with the computer. I wouldn't know where to get a keyboard.

"This set Geoff on a quest - to find a more compact and stylish keyboard - that left some desk space for his lunchtime gin and tonic.

Eventually, he found a company in Korea who had a smart mini keyboard and a left handed model.

He ordered 50 of each and advertised the surplus in the Telegraph. They sold so well it convinced Geoff that there was a market. The Keyboard Company was born.It's all about choice.

And that is what defines The Keyboard Company. Our main purpose is to offer a wide selection – in an industry that mostly strives for less choice and more standard products.

Equally we give service. Our phone number is displayed on our website. Our phones are answered promptly, by a real person who is knowledgeable about every keyboard and mouse we stock, and who is proud of the products and service that we offer."

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Comment from jmke @ 2012/11/19
plastic look doesn't make it ideal match for brushed aluminum of macbook imho