AMD Trinity A10 5800K APU Review

CPU by leeghoofd @ 2012-11-21

Who hasn't heard about the following phrase? The Future is Fusion ! Unless you have been living under a rock for the last years, this AMD marketing slogan was pretty much everywhere. AMD wanted to create a platform that was mainly very affordable, where a dedicated graphics card was not a must, while being power efficient, especially for the mobile market and up to the task to satisfy our multimedia, digital desires/needs. One option already existed in the form of an integrated graphic chips solutions on the motherboard. However the latter had non-conforming performance for todays standards. This all lead to the creation of the APU, Accelerated Processing Unit.  The first steps to make Fusion a reality. The FM1 socket Llano CPUs was AMD's first succesful try in this new market. As usual the competition caught up, so time for a new revision of the AMD APU. Hello world this is platform Virgo calling... Time to have a look at AMD's latest Trinity socket FM2 APU.

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HD7660D Stock Results

But the A10 5800K is not just a CPU with another average performing integrated Graphics Core. The HD7660D is a real performer, making up big time for the sometimes lackluster CPU performance. We compare the latest two AMD generation HD solutions with Intel's HD graphics offerings: the GMA HD 3000 for the Sandy Bridge based CPU's (2500K and 2600K) and the GMA HD 4000 for the Ivy Bridge lineup (i3-3225, 3570K and 3770K).

First up the two synthetic benchmarks from Futuremark: good old 3DMark06 and the latest 3DMark11.



The 3DMark06 results are 2K higher with the A10's HD7660D graphics core then Intel's flagship socket 1155 model the 3770K. A big leap forward also from the Llano HD 6550 graphics cousin. Even tough the PhysX part in the 3DMark11 chart might confuse you, the A10 3800K GPU is close to twice as fast as the best Intel has got to offer at the moment. No GMA HD 3000 tests as there's no DirectX11 support. Really impressive scores from the little FM2 socket APU.




FarCry2 scales nicely with CPU power, which is one of the reasons the Ivy Bridge CPU's still give a good showing at the lower to medium results. However once we cranck up the detail level the HD7660D is 10 FPS faster then the HD 4000. A similar outcome spotted with the Resident Evil 5 tests. 




We played Crysis2 at the Gamer detail mode setting, pretty playable at the 1024 x 768 setting with all integrated solutions. However once at 1280 x 1024, the AMD solutions are steady above the 30 FPS border. The 1920 x 1080 HD resolution is however too much too handle. In the following pages we try to find out how we can boost the performance of this splendid HD7660D.



Racing through the streets off Monaco in F1 2011, even at HD resolution ( medium detail preset ), is ultra smooth. The Dirt 3 results are a class on their own, no wonder it's on AMD's favorite list :)



Fast, very fast for an integrated graphics solution, but is there more performance to gain ? Let's find out...

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