AMD Trinity A10 5800K APU Review

CPU by leeghoofd @ 2012-11-21

Who hasn't heard about the following phrase? The Future is Fusion ! Unless you have been living under a rock for the last years, this AMD marketing slogan was pretty much everywhere. AMD wanted to create a platform that was mainly very affordable, where a dedicated graphics card was not a must, while being power efficient, especially for the mobile market and up to the task to satisfy our multimedia, digital desires/needs. One option already existed in the form of an integrated graphic chips solutions on the motherboard. However the latter had non-conforming performance for todays standards. This all lead to the creation of the APU, Accelerated Processing Unit.  The first steps to make Fusion a reality. The FM1 socket Llano CPUs was AMD's first succesful try in this new market. As usual the competition caught up, so time for a new revision of the AMD APU. Hello world this is platform Virgo calling... Time to have a look at AMD's latest Trinity socket FM2 APU.

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A10 5800K Stock Results Contd.

Time for something else, encoding an avi file with the X264HD codec. Finally we see the A10 5800K CPU picking up the pace and performing faster out of the box than the previous far lower clocked Llano A8 3870 model. The Intel i3-3225, dual core CPU, has to give way to the quadcore AMD A10 now. Conforming the same findings as with the FX Desktop CPU's, depending on the program being used either AMD's latest architecture shines or get's simply trashed.




Both the Cinebench tests are an exact copy of the test sentiments we had when we ran Zambezi through our test suite. This can't be right, retest after retest, same outcome. The brand new A10 5800K CPU has a really hard time to keep the A8 Llano behind it in this Release 10 bench. Due to the far higher core speed the single bench result is okay. However obtaining a similar score in the multithreaded part at far higher clocks is a real surprise. The newer 11.5 version makes it all worse, with the A10 scoring on the same pace as Intel's Dual core i3-3225 CPU.




And the story continues in our multithreaded test suite. Impressive high MHz that really don't deliver compared to the previous AMD APU generation. The current AMD CPU designs really is puzzling. Makes you wonder why they ever got this design in it's current state, into production. Fan boys will trash the [M]test suite as it might not be optimised for their beloved processor. If the previous AMD generations run it well , why shouldn't the new born do the same and why not even better ?



The quad core A10 being spanked by a dual core CPU in the further tests, this really should not happen at all. These performance issues are a major flaw and should be correctly adressed in future generations...




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