OZONE Gaming Gear Radon Opto Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-11-12

The Radon Opto is an affordable mouse from OZONE that can be had for 34.90 Euros from CaseKing.de, sporting an Avago 3090 optical sensor with the ability to adjust DPI from 450 to 3500 and has larger footprints compared to the average mice. The downloadable software allows us to configure the mouse further, by setting macros, keyboard shortcuts, different multimedia functions and more.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:




Radon Opto uses the Avago ADNS 3090 optical sensor, which goes up to 3500 dpi, offering the maximum accuracy for an optical mouse. This high performance sensor is based on a new and faster architecture with improved navigation. The sensor is capable of sensing high speed mouse motion for increased user precision and smoothness.




The better you grab it, the better you play. That's why Radon Opto features extra-large buttons, ergonomic design and a rubberized body for easy grip and lateral reinforcement for optimum thumb grip. With a set of 5 x 4,5g extra weights, you can customize your mouse weight to make it perfect for your needs. Opto also comes with adjustable cable position, so you can decide where to set you mouse cable.




Radon Opto allows you to set your own DPI level from 450 to 3500. You can change the sensitivity of your mouse simply by clicking a button. The sensitivity LED will show you the DPI level that you are using.




Radon Opto features a built-in memory that allows you to set different macros for all buttons in 3 different profiles. You can also store all setups and drivers on the built-in memory.

Glory is just a few clicks away. Reach it.


Product Specifications:


Professional gaming optical sensor Avago 3090

8 buttons (7 programmable)

Adjustable resolution from 450 to 3500 dpi

Accurate and predictable motion reporting up to 1m/s

Macro and Script functions

USB full speed

USB report rate with 4 selectable levels (1000 Hz Max.)

Hardware data saving technology

Included Software for personal configuration (Windows only)

Adjustable weight (includes 5x 4.5g weights).

Dimensions: 122.43(L) x 82.7(W) x 43.7(H) mm

Weight: 135 +/- 5 g (with cable and weights)

Cable length: 2 m

Power consumption: <100 mA

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