Vaja Leather Suit for Macbook Pro 15'' Unibody Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-10-25

Vaja has available multiple luxury products made from Argentinian high quality cow leather and on this review we will look at the Leather Suit for the Unibody Macbook Pro 15’’. The case can be ordered in the color of our choice (we can even choose the trimming color) and its surface is “floater” leather, a grainy cowhide with a special texture.

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A Closer Look Part III

The installation of the case can be done with ease if the instructions are followed properly; first we have to slide the Macbook Pro into the case with the screen fully opened. Then we should lay the machine onto the table and try to fix the case onto the screen bottom corners with the two fasteners. Vaja instructs us to press the Macbook screen upper edge towards the suit lid to fix it onto the screen but since this is quite difficult at first, we have found a better way: make sure the screen is properly fixed on the sides of the screen and after that close the lid and try to pull the top cover towards us, little by little, till it will extend enough so we will be able to pull the clip over the aluminum chassis:





Here are some additional photos with the laptop fixed into the case:


Macbook Pro Keyboard



Black Fasteners




Cut-out near the Trackpad




Macbook Pro Ports




The Hinge Area





SuperDrive Area




Front View of the Case



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