Vaja Leather Suit for Macbook Pro 15'' Unibody Review

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Vaja has available multiple luxury products made from Argentinian high quality cow leather and on this review we will look at the Leather Suit for the Unibody Macbook Pro 15’’. The case can be ordered in the color of our choice (we can even choose the trimming color) and its surface is “floater” leather, a grainy cowhide with a special texture.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

In this review we will look at another luxury accessory from Vaja, this time for the Unibody Macbook Pro 15''. The case comes in a silver-themed cardboard box, with the size larger than the laptop itself; on the lower right corner we will find a black Vaja logo:




The main product is carefully wrapped with paper and also sealed with a small sticker, for a cool effect; the :




Inside the box we have also found besides the Macbook Pro Installation Instructions, a secondary Macbook Air leaflet, which we think that it was placed inside by mistake:




The small manual will show us the steps we need to take for fitting the case to our Macbook:




We also get a Product Catalog to see what other items Vaja sales:




Let's take a look now at the case itself, which is wrapped like a special present:




The case we have received is in a Pompeian Red color, made from "floater" leather, which is a grainy cowhide with a special texture:




The hinge of the case is also carefully manufactured, with the trimming in a color of our choice:





As on the other tablet or mobile phone cases we have reviewed from Vaja, the top cover houses a metallic emblem:



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