Synology DiskStation DS413 4-bay NAS Server for Workgroups and Offices Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2012-10-09

The DS413 NAS from Synology is aimed for the Home to Business Workgroup segment, provides good read/write speeds in most of the applications and features the highly configurable DSM. DSM supports plenty of additional services, accessible from the GUI, like DHCP, VPN, Syslog, Mail, Antivirus, Backup, Cloud Station and more.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The DS413 DiskStation NAS Server is shipped in a medium-sized cardboard box, with a similar shape and look as we have seen on the previous Synology products; on one of the box sides, we will see some of the product highlights, represented with icons:




Moving further, we will find a list of features:




On the opposite side, we'll get to see some more details regarding the product hardware components, package contents or supported languages:




When we start opening up the box, we get some more hints from the manufacturer:




The inside contents are carefully packed in separate boxes, to avoid damages during transport:




On the top layer, we will find the power lead, along with a second plain enclosure which holds the rest of the bundle:




The documentation is held in a separate transparent bag (along with the necessary fixing screws); the box also holds a power adapter and a RJ-45 cable:




The power supply is the same model as we have seen with the DS412+, is manufactured by PGB and rated on the output 12V, 8.33A:





The installation guide leaflet explains through small drawings the procedures which are needed to start using the product:



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