GeIL EVO VELOCE 16GB Dual Channel 2133MHz C10 Memory Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2012-10-10

Golden Emperor International Limited is what the abbreviation GeIL stands for. Today we introduce one of their brand new EVO VELOCE DDR3 Hardcore gaming memory kits. For once not a dual channel 8GB kit running at blistering speeds. But a whopping dual channel 16GB kit, running at a moderate 2133MHz at acceptable CAS 10 Latency timings. Maybe a perfect kit for those that want to buy adequately fast paced ram right now and have the option to upgrade later to a massive 32GB, by adding a 2nd kit. Without further ado let's open the package and see what these VELOCEs can offer us...

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The Kit

We picked up this PR from the GeIL site:

Veloce, the Italian word for “speed”, hence the name of GeIL’s 4th generation top of the line EVO DDR3 Hardcore Gaming Memory - EVO VELOCE.

EVO VELOCE is equipped with the latest Veloce heat-spreader designed with GeIL’s MTCD - Maximum Thermal Conduction & Dissipation technology for superior cooling efficiency. The standard EVO VELOCE will come with Metallic Hot-rod Red heat-spreader while selective top end specifications receive the limited Frost White finish treatment.

Speed of up to 3000MHz plus, EVO VELOCE is designed for all of the latest motherboard chipsets for maximum performance and compatibility, including the Intel Z77 platform.

EVO VELOCE is the new DDR3 performance benchmark that redefines speed.

The Veloce series exist in several different versions, available via your favourite online shop, being it a dual or a quad channel kit. The visual difference is obtained the heatspreader colour, either choose between Frost White or Hot Rod red.


While being spoiled with stylish heatspreader designs alike the G.SKill TridentX or the latest Corsair Platinum, GeIL opted to slightly restyle their EVO Corsa heatspreader. It's all a matter of personal taste if you like it or not. If the performance is there, most won't really mind how they look. Note that the heatspreader design is not a low profile version, if needed GeIL offers those in their EVO Leggera range





This 2133C10 is Hynix RAM based, the heatspreaders are solidly attached by very sticky thermal tape.




Below are the different versions of this Veloce kit, note that just the the Dual Channel kits are listed. Quad channel versions are also available in all sorts of flavours:


The voltage anomaly is a bit confusing, our 2133C10 kit is rated according the GeIL website and SPD at 1.65Vdimm. Yet the sticker on our DIMMs clearly mention 1.5Vdimm. We tested at 1.5Vdimm and the sticks worked flawless during the HCI Memtest.


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