Ebode BT Sound BTR30 Universal Bluetooth Receiver Review

Audio/Others by petervandamned @ 2012-09-26

Stream the music from you smartphone, tablet or laptop wireless to your BT Sound Receiver. You easily hook this up to your amplifier, stereo set or your car audio system. Enjoy your favorite songs with all your friends at home. Can this be this simple? Let's find out in this review.

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Final Verdict Time

What can we say about this little nifty device? Really it's working like a charm and easy to use. Now I can use my Pioneer reciever with Bluetooth. And even my Pioneer car head unit can be used with Bluetooth. Actually the car unit already has BT, but only for phone calls. 

I found a much better way to use this personnaly! As I am riding motorcycles and for sport I ride road bikes, but really could never skip my music. I was very pleased to use it as a much smaller device to control my music. Just plug in a set of head phones and I was ready on the 2 wheels.

Remember my last review on the BTS30? Now I have 2 Ebodes on my old trusty Iphone 3GS (soon to be changed to the Iphone 5). Well both working like a charm. You can pause the track, skip to next track, go back and set volume. We tried to see at what distance the device still was working and we were able to control music from a distance of 12 meters max on the BTR30. 

Ebode delivered a usefull gadget. That's for sure. Searching online for pricing I found a price off € 39,99 and this is a nice price. Even my assistants do agree on this:

I wish to say thanks to Ebode for letting me test this device, looking forwards for a next review.

And there can only be one award for this:

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