Ebode BT Sound BTR30 Universal Bluetooth Receiver Review

Audio/Others by petervandamned @ 2012-09-26

Stream the music from you smartphone, tablet or laptop wireless to your BT Sound Receiver. You easily hook this up to your amplifier, stereo set or your car audio system. Enjoy your favorite songs with all your friends at home. Can this be this simple? Let's find out in this review.

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Real Life Test

So let's give some juice to this mini device, as it has a rechargeable battery, we need to put in the charger in the power socket. Connect to the receiver with usb charging cable. First time will be taking about 2 to 3 hours. The led turns from red to blue when this process is finished:

Next it's time turn the BT sound on. Press the On/Off button until a beep comes and the led will flash blue. Actually U can see the size here, not more than a finger:

Connecting to a amplifier will be done by plugging in the audio cable and the other end in the convertor in my pioneer VSX-AX2AS as I only have digital, coax and RCA connector:

And on my car headunit also from pioneer i can use only the Audio cable:

The actual reciever with the options play/pause, skip/ Volume higher and the backwards skip/Volume lower mounted at the [M] way:

So time to do some pairing with the BT device. Seaching the BT devices on my old Iphone will give the BTR30 after a few seconds.Even the old speaker BT sound is listed:

And finally time to hear some music wireless from the Iphone to the Amplifier. Or car radio and even your television:

Time for some judgement on the next page->

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