Ebode BT Sound BTR30 Universal Bluetooth Receiver Review

Audio/Others by petervandamned @ 2012-09-26

Stream the music from you smartphone, tablet or laptop wireless to your BT Sound Receiver. You easily hook this up to your amplifier, stereo set or your car audio system. Enjoy your favorite songs with all your friends at home. Can this be this simple? Let's find out in this review.

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Packaging and Unpacking

This time mister postman delivered a parcel with a universal Bluetooth reciever the BTR30:

Picture showing the option Bluetooth and the line from smartphone to stereo, well this is simply what it does:

On the back we find the basic's for this device in several languages:

Also on the sides prints of the content of the box and the specifications:

Meet the BTR30, a small device with common buttons. The Blue led lights up when it's ready:

The power connectors for power with a USB cable:






The audio cables:


Even a in ear headset fits most sizes:


And a manual in several languages:



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