GeIL PC3-17000 2133MHz 32GB EVO Leggera Quad Channel Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-10-03

The EVO Leggera series from GeIL comes with a low-height heat sink model, colored in Turquoise Blue, offering maximum compatibility with CPU coolers. The 2133MHz 32GB C11 model we have tested, even if it is rated at 1.65V, it also runs perfectly at 1.5V. The kit also overclocks quite well at the rated voltage, so we could reach 2200MHz without a lot of effort.

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Test Setup and Test Results Part I

Test Setup


CPU : Intel I7 3770K Retail

CPU Cooler: CoolIT Vantage ALC

Motherboard : ASRock P77 Fatal1ty Professional


Video : Sparkle X580 Calibre

Power Supply : Cooler Master 850W

HDD : Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200.11

Case: Thermaltake Armor+ LCS


During the tests, the CPU speed was left at stock speeds. After the memory has passed the stability test with HCI Memtest at stock settings, we have tried to go a little higher and clocked the memory to 2200MHz. The RAM functioned flawlessly at this new frequency, but when trying to tighten the timings, we got lots of errors after a couple of seconds in Memtest. The voltage that was used for 2200MHz was 1.5V, but we have also tried at the stock 1.65V without any stability improvements. Setting the RAM at 2400MHz resulted in an unbootable system.




CPU-Z Validation



The pre-programmed timings and frequencies can be also found by using AIDA64:





Test Results


Synthetic Benchmarks

3DMark 2001



3DMark 2006


PCMark Vantage


PCMark 7

SuperPI XS 1.5 2MB


wPrime 32M



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