GeIL PC3-17000 2133MHz 32GB EVO Leggera Quad Channel Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-10-03

The EVO Leggera series from GeIL comes with a low-height heat sink model, colored in Turquoise Blue, offering maximum compatibility with CPU coolers. The 2133MHz 32GB C11 model we have tested, even if it is rated at 1.65V, it also runs perfectly at 1.5V. The kit also overclocks quite well at the rated voltage, so we could reach 2200MHz without a lot of effort.

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Die-Hard Burn-in Technology

The burn-in process is realized frequently in electronic components as a form of reliability engineering. This operation stresses the components at high temperatures and sometimes higher voltage too. The intention is to detect and eliminate components that could fail early, for improving the overall product quality and user satisfaction. In the DRAM industry, the burn-in process has been used so far in the most expenside server DIMMs or memory with military specifications.


The reviewed modules feature GeILs’ Die-hard Burn-in Technology, which is conducted in proprietary burn-in chamber named DBT-1.


Inside the device, 1000 pieces of modules are slotted onto the own-designed module interface and DRAM controller boards. Afterwards, the modules are dynamically tested by own-designed software simultaneously.


DBT-1 can up the testing temperature to 100 degrees Celsius, with a burn-in period of as long as 24 hours. This process is meant to eliminate early-failure memory and provides users with the highest quality memory products.


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