MCE OptiBay for Unibody Kit Review

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MCE OptiBay is an adapter that allows us to replace the SuperDrive with an extra storage drive like a HDD up to 1TB or a high performance SSD. The necessary tools are supplied inside the box and if the installation steps are followed correctly, users shouldn't encounter any difficulties when performing the transplant.


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Packaging, A Closer Look

Many of us find the free disk space insufficient on the Macbook Pro HDD or simply want to boost the boot drive performances; in these cases we have two upgrade variants, each implying the usage of the OptiBay from MCE.


The OptiBay Kit from MCE Technologies has arrived in a small, plain cardboard box, fully sealed with adhesive tape:




On one of the sides, we can find a sticker with the company logo, the product description and a code name:




All the inside contents are wrapped individually in bubble plastic bags:




Besides the OptiBay itself (on the right), we can also find an USB 2.0 enclosure for the optical drive (if ordered separately), one disk with the installation guides and a small application, along with two screwdrivers:



The OptiBay is designed to replace the internal Macbook Pro SuperDrive with a high performance SATA HDD or SSD. The HDD or SSD must be in a 2.5'' form factor and to fix it on the chassis we'll have to use the screws used by the original drive. On the top side, the Optibay features the imprinted company logo:



On the interior frame we will find the SATA Data + Power ports, where we will connect the drive:



On each side there are two fixing screws with plastic spacers:



On the outside we'll find the external SATA ports, which are positioned in the same area as on the original SuperDrive:



Here is also a lateral view of the OptiBay, which shows the small fixing screws:


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