LEETGION Hellion Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-09-25

LEETGION, which is the new gaming peripherals brand of Thermalright, a reputable cooling systems manufacturer have released the first product named Hellion, built especially for Starcraft 2 lovers but not only. The mouse chassis is built from good quality materials, sports a high performance Avago 9500 5000dpi laser sensor and features a mechanical Cherry MX Blue "ATTACK" button on the left side, for performing specific actions.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The product we are reviewing in this article has been shipped in a black mysterious box, with a small silver triangle on one of the sides:




On top of the enclosure we will see the embossed mouse name "Hellion"; the name Hellion comes from the Starcraft game and is a four-wheeler with a flamethrower fitted, which produces impressive damage through enemy troops. Their impressive acceleration allows for improvisational tactics in the field:




On an opposite side, we will also find the LEETGION logo:




The bottom side of the external packaging reveals the Technical Specifications list, along with the System Requirements and Package Contents




If we look through the plastic window triangle, we will see a red button with an aggressive design:




By removing the first packaging layer, we'll see that the box is split in two identical parts:




Inside we will find the Hellion mouse, with an extra plastic cover on top:




Besides the mouse, inside we'll also find an User Manual, along with an extra pair of mouse feet:




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