LEETGION Hellion Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-09-25

LEETGION, which is the new gaming peripherals brand of Thermalright, a reputable cooling systems manufacturer have released the first product named Hellion, built especially for Starcraft 2 lovers but not only. The mouse chassis is built from good quality materials, sports a high performance Avago 9500 5000dpi laser sensor and features a mechanical Cherry MX Blue "ATTACK" button on the left side, for performing specific actions.

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At first I would like to thank LEETGION for offering the Hellion Gaming Mouse for testing and reviewing.




Leetgion is composed of two words Leet + Legion. The word leet is an internet phrase derived from the word “Elite.” Often used as describing an individual or feet of superior skill or prowess. Legion, refers to a large military force or group. Our self given description of the word Leetgion is: A group of elite individuals fighting alongside each other, conquering all that stands before them.



Leetgion began in early 2010, originating from Thermalright, a company with over a decade of experience in top end, world class thermal solutions for PC enthusiasts. With our long involvement with PC enthusiasts and often PC gamers, we had a vision of expanding our product line for the PC gaming community, to deliver our expertise in quality and design.



Gamers and PC enthusiasts know exactly know what they want, and don’t except compromises. Many will even choose to modify their equipment, overclock their PC systems just to get the exact performance they want. They praise the top custom modders, and never back down from challenges. That’s also the mentality here at Leetgion, we deliver only the best no compromises.



Our goal is simple, to provide the best in both quality and innovation. We’ll go the lengths of using nothing but the best components and technology to match our quality standards. We are not afraid of thinking outside of the box, and putting a spin to the standard. Leetgion understands that in the end it is the user that wins games, what we want is to let our peripherals be an extension of the user, to combine technology and human control.



Our motto here at Leetgion is: Be Leet, Game Hard. With the help of our products, we want gamers to do their best whether they are professional e-Sports athletes or weekend warriors, in all levels and forms of competition. Most importantly we’re not in the business to make a fancy technical masterpiece to be put on a pedal stool just for show. Leetgion products are meant to be used, to fight in the front lines of Virtual warfare, to venture into enemy territory, and march head on into the fog of war. Just like our motto, we want Leetgion users to Be Leet, and most importantly Game Hard!"

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