Giada Mini PC i35G Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2012-09-17

The i35G is a cute and small computer from Giada, that can be used for light Internet browsing, watching movies, or playing old games, this while keeping the power consumption to a low level. The chassis comes with active cooling, and the fan speed is being ramped up depending on the temperatures. A Media Center remote is also included inside the box for added value, along with a HDMI cable and a plastic transparent dock to place the computer into the optimal position.

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A Closer Look Part II

The opposite side has a LED installed that lights up under normal operation:




The other end of the adapter ends up with the jack plug:




The dock is made from transparent plastic and the inner sides have rubber on the extremities, to avoid scratching the Mini PC chassis when it’s inserted into the dock:




The same dock also features rubber material on the bottom, to keep the unit steady on the table:




The white Media Center remote has easy accessible buttons, but to make it work we’ll have to buy two batteries from the nearest electronics store (not included into the original packaging):






The i35G is fully protected inside the second box (surrounded by foam and fully wrapped inside a plastic bag):




The design of the sides is not plain dark, but it contains a certain model; also here we will get to see the Giada logo, along with the ventilation grill:




The grill is also present on the opposite side:




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