Ebode BT Sound BTS30 Speaker Review

Audio/Others by petervandamned @ 2012-09-03

The sound of your Iphone, Android or any other device at bit low volume? Well here is a small Bluetooth Speaker from Ebode. Simple to connect with no wires.


So let's see if my kids have fun with Bieber on this speaker.



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Packaging and unpacking

That same lady from my last review also delivered a Bluetooth speaker. So on this review we will focus on the BTS30.

Picture showing the option Bluetooth and the Smartphone:


The actual speaker with the options play/pause, skip/ Volume higher and the backwards skip/Volume lower . These functions are responding on the back of the speaker:



And on one side we will find some holes for the USB Charger and for adding the hand lanyard:



Just plug in the USB and load this one, and have fun for hours.The lanyard in action:






We have also a manual in several languages and my old trusty 3GS Smartphone.

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