Ebode BT Sound BTS30 Speaker Review

Audio/Others by petervandamned @ 2012-09-03

The sound of your Iphone, Android or any other device at bit low volume? Well here is a small Bluetooth Speaker from Ebode. Simple to connect with no wires.


So let's see if my kids have fun with Bieber on this speaker.



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Ebode stands for electronic home and comes from the word abode.

Abode: The place where someone lives.



“The soul of adonais, like a star,

Beacons from the abode where the eternal are.”

Percy Bysshe Shelly (1792-1822) British poet.



EbodeA brand of BMB electronics, Veen, The Netherlands

Ebode history As one of European leading suppliers of custom AV installation, building automation and lighting control solutions, BMB electronics was confronted with a demand from end users for home automation, entertainment and security. In 2009 BMB electronics developed and introduced consumer electronic products for the electronic home. Based on successful installers products like infra red extenders and wireless audio / video products, the Ebode brand was set up and a retail concept was developed where comfort, affordability, using the latest technology with easy installation and use, are the key points.


Ebode mission Ebode has a focus on wireless consumer electronics that gives you easy control over audio and video hardware and signals, appliances, heating, motorized shutters etc. to be available at your fingertips and any place. To take control of your electronic environment Ebode offers high quality products that are being tested in our lab where we focus on high quality, user friendly, affordability, easy to use, latest technology and high rotating products with added value that meets expectations and opportunities of today and the future.


Ebode product lines


Home Automation - Home Made Smart


Home Automation - Home Made Easy


Home Security - Home Made Safe


Light Speaker System - The Next Bright Idea


Just short after introducing the first IP Camera, Ebode is celebrating the launch of another new product group: Bluetooth Sound. The first product in this group is the wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Since it’s establishment in 2009 ebode electronics has proven to be a serious player in the competitive retail market.


In May the innovative Bluetooth Speaker arrived at the warehouse. This small speaker has a surprisingly good sound and bass. Use the ebode Bluetooth Speaker to share the music on your smartphone, tablet or laptop wirelessly with your friends. As the ebode Bluetooth Speaker is small in size you can enjoy your favourite songs any place, any time, anywhere: at parties, family events, festivals or while travelling. Pairing your Bluetooth device with the ebode Bluetooth Speaker is easy and quick.

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