Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 2666C10 DDR3 Memory Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2012-08-30

It has remained relatively quiet at the Corsair RAM department; especially with the launch early this year of Intel's 3rd generation processors, most RAM manufacturers had an entire dedicated Ivy Bridge lineup ready. Their high end versions warranting exhilarating speeds of 2400mhz and beyond. Best off all, these kits are not limited for benching purposes only, but also perfectly suitable for daily usage. American RAM giant Corsair however seemed to be more focused on power supplies, AIO liquid cooling solutions and their rapidly expanding SSD and case market, a real disappointment for the enthusiast RAM fans, as everyone was dreaming of another stellar RAM kit alike their infamous GTX2 Hyper based Dominator kit. Enthusiasts have been sitting on their hunger for a new breed of high end Corsair DIMMS. However a new wave of gorgeous looking RAMs is coming our way in the shape of the Dominator Platinum series. Is this the turn of the tide for the in Fremont California based RAM manufacturer ?

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Test Setup and Methodology

While it is always hard to recommend or even test a high end kit, we tend to include the results of at least a mainstream kit. In this case 1600Mhz C9-9-9-27 2T Command Rate was used. The results included in the charts are simulated Platinum versions, replicated by this Samsung based 2666C10 kit. Stress is on the word simulated, as lower end versions are mostly Hynix and Elpida based, so results can slightly vary. The purpose is to give you an idea of what more RAM speed brings to your rig.

Our test setup comprises of the splendid ASUS Maximus Z Gene V board. One of the best boards around with very few quirks. The RAM compibility and tweaking capabilities are also second to none. From all the Z77 boards I have had the honor to test, the ROG Z77 versions are pretty untouchable at the moment.

  • ASUS ROG Z77 GENE V ( 0078 bios)
  • Intel i7-3770K CPU OC'ed 4500Mhz
  • Nvidia GTX480, WHQL Win7 64bit drivers
  • Western Digital 1TB Green Caviar Green HDD
  • Corsair AX 1200W PSU



Speeds we tested at are:

  • 1600Mhs C9-9-9-27 2T Command Rate 1.5Vdimm
  • 1866Mhz C9-10-9-27 2T Command Rate 1.5Vdimm
  • 2133Mhz C9-10-11-27 2T Command Rate 1.65Vdimm
  • 2400Mhz C9-11-11-27 2T Command Rate 1.62Vdimm
  • 2666Mhz C10-12-12-31 2T Command Rate 1.65Vdimm
  • 2800Mhz C11-13-13-31 2T Command rate 1.675Vdimm

Hopefully the above speeds will give you a good impression what to expect when you cash out for high speed dimms, this versus the more affordable mainstream versions. Since we are at Madshrimps we couldn't resist to push a bit further and run our entire test suite at 2800Mhz. Sadly with our review sample TRCD 12 was not gonna happen at these blistering speeds. Not even at 1.85Vdimm (not recommended for daily usage ) when we tried to run 2800Mhz C10-12-12-35 2T. But the in the charts listed 2800Mhz C11-13-13-31 is HyperPI 32M and 8 instances of 1024Mb HCI Memtest stable.

Time to turn up the heat and see the scores...

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