AVEXIR AVD3U16001008G-4CI 32GB C10 1600MHz Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-08-10

The AVEXIR 32GB C10 kit is rated at 1600MHz, which is not a stellar speed compared to other kits out there, but offers enough storage for many applications that require it like Adobe Premiere Pro, RAMdrives, multiple virtual machines. The modules also come with fancy blue LED effects, which are a delight if the case we are using has windowed side panels.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Right from the packaging, we can see a photo of the Core Series memory modules in operation, along with the mention that this is a Quad Channel Kit; however, the total memory quantity is not specified:




On the back side of the box, we will find some of the product highlights, a short description of the Core Series, along with a small sticker with the product code name, rated voltage and memory quantity per module:




For protection, the manufacturer has also sealed both sides of the box:




Along with a small leaflet, inside we will find the memory modules, packed two-by-two, in transparent plastic packaging:




The leaflet we mentioned earlier contains information about the product warranty:




To preserve compatibility, AVEXIR did not go with tall heatsinks and, unlike other manufacturers, we have seen heatspreader protections in form of a transparent plastic film on one of the sides and the contacts were fully protected by a soft plastic material:




The opposite side shares the same design, except here we also get to see the same sticker as the one on the external box, which lets us know about the module rated speed, CAS, voltage, code name and serial number:





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