AVEXIR AVD3U16001008G-4CI 32GB C10 1600MHz Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-08-10

The AVEXIR 32GB C10 kit is rated at 1600MHz, which is not a stellar speed compared to other kits out there, but offers enough storage for many applications that require it like Adobe Premiere Pro, RAMdrives, multiple virtual machines. The modules also come with fancy blue LED effects, which are a delight if the case we are using has windowed side panels.

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At first I would like to thank AVEXIR for sending a sample of their 32GB AVD3U16001008G-4CI C10 1600MHz Core Series memory kit for testing and reviewing.




"Company Introduction

AVEXIR Technologies Corporation is a global total solution provider of computer memory, established in 2006 at Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, the city of semiconductor technology. AVEXIR produces memory for all kinds of application; from high performance computer gaming and case modding memory modules to high reliability Cloud Computing Server memory modules.


With Strong technical support and R&D background, AVEXIR takes your demand seriously to provide the highest quality products, the best service, and excellent technology support to achieve your request.


Our Management team has more than 10+ years of executives of qualified technology, research and development, marketing, and branding management in computer memory field. If our competitors could serve you right, AVEXIR could serve you more than just right.


Internal Management Philosophy

AVEXIR believes that, in order to provide excellence in products and services to our customers, we must first facilitated an innovated workplace by creating work environments that is flexible, encourages, open communication, prizes fairness, recognized good work performance, and respect the differences to individuals.


External Management Philosophy

AVEXIR has a strong belief in people and respect within partnership. “Sacrifices are made before success in attained” is the best sentence to describe AVEXIR core external management philosophy. AVEXIR will not give up on our partners until they give up.


Vision Statement

AVEXIR endeavors to become the world leader of high performance gaming memory solution, to provide the best computer gaming experience for enthusiasts with spirit of “For Gamer, By Gamer”."


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