Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2012-09-10

Once in a while a case manufacturer dares to innovate and therefore its new breed's design deviates from the masses. Stepping away from the milked out transformer lookalikes is in fact a great idea. Though a new design must be enhanced by utilizing a non daily color range, a palette different from the ordinary grey, alu or black colors, which we are so accustomed too. Corsair is taking a different direction with their latest Vengeance C70 case series. Our review sample sporting a military look, mainly thanks to it's olive drab greenish color, the design of the front panel buttons, the sidepanel lock mechanism and the C70's carrying handles. Let's open the box and explore the Corsair Vengeance C70.

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A Closer Look Part II

The storage capacity of the Vengeance C70 is alike most mid tower cases: a total of 6HDD bays and three optical  5 1/2 inch bays are at your disposal. Nothing special you might think, yet the two HDD bays are removable. Either to maximise the GPU compatibility from 320mm to 420mm or allowing you to install a dual radiator in the bottom section of the C70 case. Per example we removed the top HDD bay, easily sliding out after just removing three thumbscrews.





The HDDs or SSDs can be installed in the plastic trays. For the HDD's no screws are required. However when installing a SSD a screwdriver is a must.



No fancy plastic clips to secure the optical drives, but robust steel ones that are designed do the job as adequate. The front bezel is easily removable to allow fast access to the installed dust filter.






Sadly no means foreseen to absorb PSU vibrations via rubber dampers.The PSU itself is protected by a slideable dust filter. In total two dust filters are installed in the bottom part, meaning also one for the optional bottom fan or radiator. However both don't properly lock into position and slide out far too easily. The case itself rest on two overdimensioned ultra rigid looking rubber feet.




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