SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-07-23

The latest mouse we are reviewing is Diablo III themed and powered with a 5700CPI Avago laser sensor. The chassis is lightweight, ambidextrous and features a total of 8 buttons (one of them being the CPI toggle button). The Diablo III mouse does not have multi-colored LED lighting or LCD display underneath and is priced more competitively than the Xai or Sensei, which have a similar shape.

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A Closer Look Contd.

The mouse follows the ergonomic lines of the Sensei, Xai and is beautifully executed with rubber coating on the top and both sides; for extra value, some artwork is also present on the coating:




On the back we will find a lighted Diablo III logo, which has a nice effect when the mouse is operating:




The left side is identical to the right one and has two programmable buttons:





When looking at the mouse from the front, we can discover the themed scroll button, a CPI LED and a triangle shaped CPI button:




The cable is fully braided, for additional durability:




The connector is gold plated to ensure optimal contact and one of its sides feature the SteelSeries logo:




On the bottom side we will find 3 large glide pads that will help the mouse to move as smooth as possible on any surface:




Also here we’ll find a sticker with the mouse power rating and serial number:




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