Shuttle Barebone XS35GTA V3 Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2012-07-27

The XS35GTA V3 barebone from Shuttle is a successful combination between the Atom Dual Core D2700 CPU and the Radeon HD 7410 GPU, which features 160 Stream Processing Units, on 40nm. With the system we can play the latest 1080P videos, browse the Internet, chat or even game older titles. Thanks to the low power consumption and its fanless chassis, we can leave it overnight or even 24/7 to function as a seedbox or for performing other activities.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The latest Shuttle barebone shares some similarities compared to the XS35 GT model we have tested in the past and comes packed inside a regular cardboard box with a plastic handle:




On one of the box laterals, we can see a summary of technical specifications:




After opening up the main packaging, we will see the barebone carefully protected, along with a separate box which contains the rest of the bundle:




Outside of the plain cardboard box we mentioned earlier, we will find the documentation, placed inside a transparent plastic bag:




The box contains multiple compartments, each holding a specific component:




Here is what we will find inside:


-power lead

-barebone stand

-HDD mounting piece with screws

-installation disk

-power adapter




The power adapter was manufactured by Asian Power Devices Inc. and is rated on the output 19V, 2.1A:




The adapter also has a LED on the front, which signals when power is fed to it:




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