GeIL PC3-19200 2400MHz 16GB EVO CORSA Quad Channel Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-07-16

The 16GB EVO CORSA 2400MHz is another high-end quad-channel kit from GeIL, which features quite tall heatspreaders with a special design and passed Die-Hard Burn-in tests for increased reliability. These modules are not cheap, the kit being available online for about 185 Euros.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Quad Channel EVO CORSA memory kit from Golden Emperor International Ltd. comes packed inside a small cardboard box, with a small window so we can see the heatspreader design; here we also find out that the kit has passed the Die-Hard Burn-in tests:




The back side of the box features two additional openings through which we can see the module stickers with the specifications, along with the full name of the manufacturer, address and telephone numbers:




The modules are packed two-by-two, in separate transparent plastic enclosures:




On a closer inspection, we will discover a sticker, telling us that this memory kit was specifically tested on Intel’s X79 platform:




A small leaflet is also present, which gives us extra info regarding the modules’ SPD and used voltages:




The heatspreaders feature MTCD Technology and have a Metallic-Amazon-Green finish, derived from the famous German race track, the Nurburgring a.k.a. “the Green Hell”:






On the back we’ll find the sticker with the module specifications, code name and some extra serial numbers:




The heatspreaders touch the memory chips with individual thermal pads; the height of the spreaders might cause some clearance problems, depending on the CPU cooler used:




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