GeIL PC3-19200 2400MHz 16GB EVO CORSA Quad Channel Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-07-16

The 16GB EVO CORSA 2400MHz is another high-end quad-channel kit from GeIL, which features quite tall heatspreaders with a special design and passed Die-Hard Burn-in tests for increased reliability. These modules are not cheap, the kit being available online for about 185 Euros.

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Product Description, Specifications

Product Description:

Corsa, the Italian word for “race”, hence the name for the 3rd generation of GeIL’s DDR3 Gaming Series Memory - EVO CORSA, which symbolize extreme speed as a race car on the track. The Metallic-Amazon-Green finish of the EVO CORSA heatspreader is derived from the famous German race track - the Nurburgring a.k.a. “the Green Hell”.


The CORSA Heat-spreader is designed with MTCD - Maximum Thermal Conduction & Dissipation for superior cooling performance.Ranging from DDR3 1866MHz and up, the EVO CORSA is designed for the latest Intel & AMD chipsets for maximum performance and compatibility.

EVO CORSA is the new DDR3 performance benchmark.


Product Specifications:

- Available in 8GB(2GBx4) & 16GB(4GBx4) &32GB(8GBx4) Quad Channel Package

- Available CAS/Model number sku: 9-11-10-28: GOC38GB2400C9QC | GOC316GB2400C9QC 10-11-11-30: GOC38GB2400C10QC | GOC316GB2400C10QC | GOC332GB2400C10QC 10-12-12-30: GOC316GB2400C10AQC | GOC332GB2400C10AQC 11-11-11-30: GOC38GB2400C11QC | GOC316GB2400C11QC 11-12-12-30: GOC316GB2400C11AQC | GOC332GB2400C11AQC

- Working Voltage : 1.65V

- Heat-spreader: CORSA edition heat-sink system with MTCD Technology in Metallic Green finish

- Technology: DBT Enhanced, Die-hard Burn-in Technology

- Lifetime Warranty

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