ROCCAT Savu Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-07-10

Savu is a mid-sized mouse that may not be very suitable for people with big hands, built from quality materials and offers no-sweat rough plastic side grips for maximum precision in games. It features an adjustable 4000DPI Pro-Optic (R3) gaming sensor, with adjustable polling rate up to 1000Hz, Teflon feet for minimum friction and a 1.8m braided USB cable. A total of 4 buttons can be remapped (left and right mouse buttons, the scroll wheel button and one lateral), the fifth having Easy-Shift [+] functionality, meant to double the mappings for the programmable buttons.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The much awaited Savu mouse from ROCCAT comes shipped inside a themed cardboard box, with a photo of the product on the frontal side along with some highlights:




Dr. Erik J. Dale, a ROCCAT scientist tells his opinion regarding the product:




On one of the package sides we will find product photos on all laterals:




Also here we will see the package contents, technical specifications and system requirements:




On the back, the product features are listed in multiple languages:




The box is sealed on both ends for additional security:




Savu is held inside a black plastic mold, and as bundle we get a black cardboard envelope:




The ROCCAT themed envelope contains the Quick Installation Guide and a product registration card:




The Quick Installation Guide contains mode in-depth information regarding the product, like the default button mappings:




The Savu mouse has smaller dimensions compared to the models we have tested in the past and has two differently textured surfaces; its ergonomic shape is suitable only for right-handers:




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