Vaja Grip for Samsung Galaxy S II Case Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-06-05

The Grip for Samsung Galaxy S II is another luxury case from Vaja, constructed using the finest quality leather from Argentina and meant to add extra protection to the back side of the phone, while maintaining a high quality look. The product is easy to install or remove, but it is not shipped with a bonus protective screen and the sale price is quite high.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Finally we have another nice product on our table from Vaja, and this time we are talking about a case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone; as we have seen with the iPad 2 case, this item is also packed inside a themed box, with styled cuts, revealing different colors:




The top also reveals an embossed Vaja logo:




After the removal of the top layer, we will reveal a rainbow colored cardboard box:




The top cover can be lifted in an instant, to reveal a nice pattern of Vaja emblems, in the same color selection:




A saying is printed on the inside “Make it yours. Make it Vaja”:




By lifting a secondary cover, we will discover the main product, a high quality case made entirely from Argentinean leather:




The interior layer is made from red colored leather, which is a good combination with the outside black color; as we remember from their previous product, the interior also comes with the Vaja logo, this time debossed:




For accessibility, we have cuts in the necessary areas; on the bottom we have the area for the Data/Charge port:




On the right side, a cut has been also provided for the On/Off/Standby button and on the left there is the one for Volume rocker:





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