Zeo Bedside Sleep Management System Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-06-11

The Zeo Bedside Sleep Manager is an interesting product which helps us track our sleep during the night by analyzing the obtained data, wake at the optimal time during the morning using SmartWake Alarm feature and more. The product is shipped with a SoftWave sensor headband and the bedside unit can be also used as a regular alarm clock if needed. The mobile platforms were not left out either, Zeo giving us for free download apps for both iOS and Android.

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A Closer Look Part II

A secondary leaflet comes with product and regulatory compliance information:




Inside the User’s Guide we will find information like package contents, bedside unit button functions, installation, alarm setup, headband tips and more:




A Sleep Wheel is also included, which shows a reference of typical sleep data:





The Zeo bedside unit is kept fixed inside a cardboard frame, to avoid scratches or other damages during transport:




After it has been unpacked, we’ll see that it has a very modern, curved look and does not take a lot of space on our bedside table:




All buttons are located on the top and their functions are explained again on the frontal side, so we do not have to search each time for the manual if we want to modify something (good especially for people that have just bought the product):




In the back we’ll find the dock golden contacts, where the headband needs to stay when recharging:




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