Zeo Bedside Sleep Management System Review

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The Zeo Bedside Sleep Manager is an interesting product which helps us track our sleep during the night by analyzing the obtained data, wake at the optimal time during the morning using SmartWake Alarm feature and more. The product is shipped with a SoftWave sensor headband and the bedside unit can be also used as a regular alarm clock if needed. The mobile platforms were not left out either, Zeo giving us for free download apps for both iOS and Android.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The Zeo Bedside Sleep Management System comes packed inside a medium-sized cardboard box, with a lot of information printed on the outside; one of the sides shows a photo of the main unit, along with an example chart in the background:




With the device we can find what our “sleep stealers” are and improve over time by eliminating them:




Zeo also explains that this device tracks our sleep patterns so we’ll discover how much restorative sleep we really get. The tested and proven Zeo SoftWave headband is the second component of the system and transmits wirelessly data to the bedside unit during the night. In the morning, we should see the graph fully built on the display and Zeo will also calculate an overall sleep score that we can compare over time:




Other product features are also shown on the outside packaging:




After opening up the box, we will see the documentation on the first layer:




If we remove the documents, we will also uncover the Zeo Support phone number and website address:




On one of the supplied leaflets, we will find instructions on how to create the free myZeo.com account for accessing even more useful resources:





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