Zeo Bedside Sleep Management System Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-06-11

The Zeo Bedside Sleep Manager is an interesting product which helps us track our sleep during the night by analyzing the obtained data, wake at the optimal time during the morning using SmartWake Alarm feature and more. The product is shipped with a SoftWave sensor headband and the bedside unit can be also used as a regular alarm clock if needed. The mobile platforms were not left out either, Zeo giving us for free download apps for both iOS and Android.

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At first I would like to thank Zeo for offering a sample of their Bedside Sleep Management System for testing and reviewing.



About Zeo, Inc:


“Zeo Inc., headquartered in Newton, Mass., is a leading innovator in connected wellness movement, where personal sensors, wireless technology and smartphones are giving consumers the ability to take better care of their own health. Beginning with the introduction of the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach in June 2009, Zeo has grown into the leading sleep management company in the U.S. The Company’s mission is to help people discover new, science-based ways to lead more an active and healthy lifestyle by taking control of the awesome and restorative power of sleep.


We are an enthusiastic, hard working group of innovators, world class scientific advisers and seasoned business executives, all passionately committed to educating and enlightening consumers about their new ability to help themselves get a better night's sleep. The dedicated Zeo team is comprised of experts in engineering, sleep science and sleep education, neuroscience, behavioral psychology, consumer healthcare, consumer electronics, and information technology.


In 2010, Zeo won the Triple Tree Award for Best Consumer Experiences in Wireless Life Sciences as well as the prestigious Edison Award for Best New Product, presented by the Discovery Channel.”


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