Cygnett UrbanShield Brushed Aluminium Case (Samsung Galaxy S2) Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-05-28

The UrbanShield Brushed Aluminium Case for Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with a really nice looking back made from brushed aluminum and rubberized sides, for offering a good grip. With the case installed, the phone still remains light and slim and for added value, the manufacturer has also included a screen protector, with the usual soft wipe cloth and squeegee.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The UrbanSheild for Samsung Galaxy S2 case from Cygnett gives us enough protection on the back and laterals, while maintaining a sexy look. The brushed aluminium back is really stunning and thanks to the smooth rubberized laterals, the phone will not stick to the interior fabric of our pockets, like other cases use to do.


The frontal side of the case is a little raised, so when we put the phone on the table with the screen facing down, it won’t touch the table surface or scratch the screen frame. The only areas that are not fully protected are the bottom and top sides of the phone, which have available the 3.5mm jack, Data/Charge port, along with the microphones.


The product also ships with a protective screen, a small soft wipe cloth to clean the glass before applying the product, and also a squeegee for eliminating the air bubbles.


The UrbanShield case can be found at online stores for about 20.5 Euros.


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I would like to thank again to Cygnett for making this review possible!

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