Kingston HyperX Event Antwerp

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2012-05-04

On the 2nd of May, Madshrimps was invited to attend a small event where Kingston wanted to show their HyperX product line. Due to the fact an overclocking demo was announced, made us very eager to go. Kingston's own Jean Baptiste aka Marmott, renown amongst the memory overclockers, was there to provide the present press and invitees a demonstration of his knowledge and skills. Time to hit the road, pack the camera and our filled LN2 dewar.

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Some More Fun Pics


Off this black Kingston 2800C12 version, held here by overclocking legend Massman, exist only a few kits worldwide. We were left in the dark about the difference between the retail version, with the typical blue tall HyperX heatspreaders.


One hundred percent concentrated and then finally victory, Massman's first ever first person shooter frag !


Then how about this, Giulia looks at the beer bottle and then suddenly it starts to errupt. Talk about an Italian inferno :p


Some LN2 fooling around by the Kingston crew


The fog part 3 ? or is it ? No it's the Massman from the swamps

And even the ginger from Tones joined the event, a big strong, raw muscular dude. No one messes with this guy !



A big thanks to Kingston for hosting this fun event, great spirit, great people, great food and ofcourse LN2 galore. What can we want more ?


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