Kingston HyperX Event Antwerp

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2012-05-04

On the 2nd of May, Madshrimps was invited to attend a small event where Kingston wanted to show their HyperX product line. Due to the fact an overclocking demo was announced, made us very eager to go. Kingston's own Jean Baptiste aka Marmott, renown amongst the memory overclockers, was there to provide the present press and invitees a demonstration of his knowledge and skills. Time to hit the road, pack the camera and our filled LN2 dewar.

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Kingston Demo Setups

The evening kicked off with a speech from Sibyl from Kingston Technology (duh!).


Two setups were present : one X79 setup, being powered by a whopping 32GB of ram running at 2400mhz Cas 11.



But of course our attention went to the LN2 overclocking demo by JB. Sporting an i7 3770K, Asus Gene V mobo and, obviously, Kingston memory.


The highest CPU frequency JB achieved was roughly 6500MHz SuperPI-1M stable. The memory was clocked to about DDR3-2600. Below some of the  screenshots of his first steps on Ivy Bridge.



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