Kingston HyperX Event Antwerp

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2012-05-04

On the 2nd of May, Madshrimps was invited to attend a small event where Kingston wanted to show their HyperX product line. Due to the fact an overclocking demo was announced, made us very eager to go. Kingston's own Jean Baptiste aka Marmott, renown amongst the memory overclockers, was there to provide the present press and invitees a demonstration of his knowledge and skills. Time to hit the road, pack the camera and our filled LN2 dewar.

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The event was hosted by the guys from the brand new Gamebox project. Officially this venue opens only the 22nd of May, but we can already give you a sneak preview on what the project is all about.



The Gamebox is located at the KAVKA youth centre. A very interesting place. When we arrived, we overheard rappers and bands practising their favourite music. But back to the Gamebox project. The main concept is to get rid off the negative attention gaming in general is getting in the media. The possibility exists by doing scientific tests, to see how gaming can influence eg violent behaviour, encourage addiction,...  At the Gamebox, gamers will be able to play in a controlled environment, so that the parents can sleep on both ears. Also it will allow  professional teams, liek the Antwerp Aces, to play on fast computers when participating at online tournaments etc...



The PC's are sponsored by Intel via OC'ed 2500K SB CPU's, 4GB of Kingston RAM, Gigabyte Z68-UD3H motherboard, Coolermaster Storm cases, GX PSU and cooler, GPU is an AMD 6870, EIZO monitors and Steelseries keyboards. All PC's are build by the pro tech team from Tones.

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