ECS Z77H2-AX Black Extreme Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1155 by stefan @ 2012-05-15

The Z77H2-AX Motherboard from ECS has gold accents all over the place, comes with a clean design and the offered hardware bundle should be enough for most users; regarding the software which ships with it, most is in trial version mode and we would have preferred to see more which could have added value to the product like THX TruStudio Pro. The UEFI interface can be used with ease, except the RAM section, which is more difficult to use compared to the one found on ASRock motherboards.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The Z77H2-AX motherboard from ECS is shipped inside a large golden cardboard box, with an interesting drawn logo in the center:




Both enclosure sides open up like a book, only to reveal additional information about the product:





The information refers to the layout of the I/O connectors, “Golden” features, some additional information regarding the PCI-E Gen3 technology, switchable graphics, or some charts representing performance differences between this board and the older generations:






After removing the external packaging, we will see that the board is further protected inside a black cardboard enclosure; the motherboard is not provided with a plastic frame as we have seen at other manufacturers, but wrapped inside an anti-static bag:




As accessories, we can find 3 SLI bridges, the usual USB 3.0 Front Panel connectors that can be also installed in the back with the supplied bracket, a WiFi antenna, connector covers, the I/O Shield and no less than 6 SATA cables:




The I/O Shield is gold plated, something unique and the back of it is covered with a sponge-like material, which acts as a spacer between the shield and the gold plated connectors themselves:





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