HIS Multi-View+Sound Adapter Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-05-03

The Multi-View + Sound Adapter from HIS is a device suited for the USB 3.0 bus, meant to connect an additional monitor to our system, on the HDMI interface; the product does not need extra power and functions with the help of the DisplayLink technology. The manufacturer also mentions that we can connect up to 6 displays to a single system, each with its own adapter.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Multi-View + Sound Adapter from HIS is shipped inside a small cardboard box, with a photo of the main product on the front; the bottom right corner also has a schematic which shows us how the device must be connected:




When looking on one of the box laterals, we will find a list of the box contents:




On an opposite lateral, we can find some words about the HIS company, in multiple languages:




On the back side of the box, we will find a small product description, along with the list of features, system requirements and supported OSes:




HIS has sealed the box on both sides, for additional security:




Inside the outside packaging, we can find another black box, with the white HIS logo in the middle:




By opening it, we can reveal the adapter inside a cardboard frame:




Underside it we can also find a small manual, a CD with drivers and the USB 3.0 cable:




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