GeIL Black Dragon PC3-17000 2133MHz C10 16GB Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-04-20

The Black Dragon PC3-17000 2133MHz C10 16GB is a high-end memory kit from GeIL which does not feature heatspreaders, has been tested in the proprietary DBT process for maximum reliability and are a delight when installed in cases with plexiglass side windows, thanks to the burning eyes and dragon design on the laterals.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Black Dragon memory kit from GeIL comes packed in a small enclosure with a nice boxart; some wings of the represented dragon are transparent, so we could see a portion of the modules, without the need of opening the package beforehand:




On the back, we can see two additional plastic transparent windows through which we can see the specification stickers on the modules; an additional sticker is also placed on the enclosure itself, with the same information:




Some warning messages are located on a small leaflet, inside the box:




The modules are packaged two-by-two, in plastic casings:




The Black Dragon series do not feature a heatspreader, but has some golden accents resembling two dragons and with the black PCB, the modules look very nice even when not in operation:




The eyes of the dragons are represented by some small SMD LEDs:



The memory chips are from Hynix and come with the product code H5TQ2G83BFR, 2Gb DDR3 SDRAMs:



On the back of the modules, we can see the same black PCB, but this time without the “dragon” design:



The sticker which could be seen from the outside is present here, which lets us know about the module speed rating, CAS latencies, SKU, the rated voltage and some serial numbers:



Here is how the modules do look installed inside the testbench, with the computer off:



When turning the system on, the beast is unleashed and the dragon eyes start to burn; the effect looks best during night time, with all lights off in the room:



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