GeIL Black Dragon PC3-17000 2133MHz C10 16GB Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-04-20

The Black Dragon PC3-17000 2133MHz C10 16GB is a high-end memory kit from GeIL which does not feature heatspreaders, has been tested in the proprietary DBT process for maximum reliability and are a delight when installed in cases with plexiglass side windows, thanks to the burning eyes and dragon design on the laterals.

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Product Description, Specifications

Product Description:

For years, the DDR2 Black Dragon gaming memory has been one of the most popular choice of memories when it comes to PC gaming and GeIL remains active in the gaming communities. Now GeIL is proud to announce the return of the Black Dragon Gaming Memory Series in DDR3 form. Like its' predecessor, the DDR3 Black Dragon utilize dynamically tested IC for performance, customized 8-layer Black Dragon PCB for low power noise and DBT (Die-hard Burn-in Technology) tested modules for maximum reliability, the DDR3 Black Dragon is the choice when it comes to hardcore PC gaming.


Product Specifications:

- 16GB(4GBx4) Quad Channel Package

- CAS: 10-11-11-30

- 240 pin, Non-ECC, Un-buffered DIMM

- Working Voltage: 1.5V

- Heat Spreader?8 Lays Custom Black Dragon PCB with LED

- DBT ?Die-hard Burn-in Technology) Enhanced

- Lifetime Warranty

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