Scythe Kaze Master II Fan Controller Review

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The new fan controller from Scythe has retractable buttons which are useful in a number of cases, but also includes features like 12V start-up voltage, alarms or power feed control. The VFD display in front lets us check the current fan speeds and temperatures (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit) for each channel.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The new Kaze Master II fan controller from Scythe is shipped inside a small cardboard box, with a lot of information on the outside; the front side features a photo of the main product, along with the newly introduced features:




The package contents are listed on one of the box sides:




Also, the technical specifications can be found on the opposite side:




Warranty information for areas outside of Japan is listed on the back side of the box:




Inside we can find the documentation, along with the rest of the components, in a foam enclosure:




The included guide helps us during the installation process and describes in detail the configuration modes of the controller:





The contents of the box are split in two (one contains the controller itself and the other one the necessary cables and adapters):




As bundle, we will find a small transparent plastic bag with screws and adhesive, the MOLEX power cable, four fan cable extensions and six temperature sensors:




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