AMD Radeon HD 7750 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2012-03-23

The Radeon HD 7750 is an interesting offering from AMD, aimed more at budget conscious people, succeeding to deliver about the same performance as the Radeon HD 5770, this time without the need of extra power. The cooling solution from AMD is single slot, features vapor chamber technology; the solutions implemented by the partners have larger coolers, are more silent, but in most cases these are also dual-slot.

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At first I would like to thank AMD for supplying a sample of their Radeon HD 7750 1GB video cards for testing and reviewing.



About AMD:

"AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a semiconductor design innovator leading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its ground-breaking AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). AMD’s graphics and computing technologies power a variety of solutions including PCs, game consoles and the servers that drive the Internet and businesses.

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