Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-03-26

The latest mouse from the Cyborg series is specifically designed for M.M.O. players, brings with it the nice features we have previously seen on the Albino and adds a lot more like extra programmable buttons, RGB LED lighting, the M.M.O shift feature, the unique 5D button, dual ActionLock or the custom World of Warcraft plugin. Custom presets for many games are also offered for download on the Cyborg website, so we do not have to lose extra time and can start gaming right away!

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Presentation


Product Features:


Perfect your grip

How do you hunt? Whether you ‘palm’ the mouse or ‘claw’ it, the M.M.O. can quickly and easily adapt by adjusting in length to suit your hand size and grip style.


Interchangeable Pinkie grips and Palm rests


3 Pinkie Grips / 3 Palm Rests


- One Pinkie Grip / One Palm Rest featuring the same soft-touch finish as found on the body of the Cyborg M.M.O. 7.

- One Pinkie Grip / One Palm Rest with a rubber inlay for enhanced grip.

- One Pinkie Grip with a 'wing shaped' design which allows you to rest your pinkie finger during play for increased comfort.

- One Palm Rest that is 4mm thicker to increase the height of the mouse.


Assign 78 Programmable Commands for ANY Game

13 programmable buttons team up with a 3-position MMO mode switch and a 2-position MMO shift button to forge 78 user-definable in-game commands. Combine the programmable buttons with standard left and right mouse buttons and it all adds up to 15 buttons with which you can punish your competition.


Unique 5D Button Enables 5 Commands with a Single Control

Use the 5D Button to click up and down, left and right, and press in. Gain the competitive advantage by always knowing exactly where each and every mouse button resides - - without the hassles of training aids or the need to actually look at the mouse to locate a feature. Perfect positioning under your thumb provides lightning-fast access to your most important gaming commands. Mimicking the size and shape of the Precision Aim button found on its rodent brethren, Cyborg M.M.O. owners will feel right at home.


Intuitive World of Warcraft Plug-in

The talented developers at Cyborg have crafted an add-on that enables you to drag and drop spells, inventory items and macros directly to the buttons of the mouse. No more lengthy setup - - just jump in and quickly create the perfect configuration without the need to change any of your existing action bar settings.


Powerful Cyborg ST Programming Software

Cyborg's proprietary Smart Technology (ST) software gives you total control over the M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse's unique features. Adjust macros and set keybindings, tweak cursor sensitivity, create custom profiles for each game, and assign commands to your programmable buttons and modes. Easy, quick, and the all power you need right on your computer.


Fully Adjustable RGB Backlighting

Choose one of 16 million RGB colors to backlight the left and right mouse buttons. Whether you want an added touch of lighting to your rig, or indication of ActionLock button status, the included ST software allows you to adjust the backlighting to suit your preference.


Dual ActionLock Buttons Enable Fatigue-Free Gaming

When you’re several hours into a raid and your fingers start to feel the effects, a single click of an ActionLock button delivers much-needed relief. Each ActionLock button gives constant input to the main left or right mouse buttons when locked. Activate one for fatigue-free camera movement and character control, or unlock it to resume obliterating your foes as normal.


True 6400 DPI 'Twin-Eye' Laser Sensor with 4 Custom Settings

The Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse’s new-generation 'twin-eye' laser sensor reads each axis separately and tracks up to a stunning 6 meters per second with pinpoint accuracy. Pro gamers who prefer low sensitivity with high movement speed will always experience correct tracking and precision. Four user-definable DPI settings range from 25 to 6400 and the DPI button lets you easily cycle through your custom settings.


Custom Weight System

Like it light or heavy? Maybe you change the weight to suit your game? No matter, the M.M.O. has you covered. Five 6-gram weights can be added or subtracted in an instant, giving you the perfect weight for a perfect feel. When not in use, the weights can be safely stored in the supplied Weight Storage Container.


Product Specifications:


DPI range – 25-6400dpi (in 25dpi steps)

Acceleration - 50G

Polling Rate -Dynamic up to 1000Hz

Tracking Speed - Up to 6m/sec

Always On

PTFE "Slick" Feet

Gold plated connector

Braided USB cable

L.E.D. colors for each mode


System Requirements: Connectivity: USB 2.0


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Comment from Teemto @ 2012/04/06
Nice review Stefan. With which mouspad(s) did you test? I currently use the RAT9 for Lotro with a Razer Destructor and sometimes it gives me a hickup in the mouse movements. Either it's very dust sensitive or it's not compatible with the Destructor.
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2012/04/06
Originally Posted by Teemto View Post
Nice review Stefan. With which mouspad(s) did you test? I currently use the RAT9 for Lotro with a Razer Destructor and sometimes it gives me a hickup in the mouse movements. Either it's very dust sensitive or it's not compatible with the Destructor.
Hello there,

Thanks for the appreciation. I have used the ModMyMachine SlamePad I have also reviewed on Madshrimps.