Antec Cleaning Solutions Review

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The new cleaning solutions from Antec come in form of sprays, 60mL or 240+60mL, together with a microfiber cloth, but also in form of wipes (packs of 20 or 100). For touchscreens and not only, Antec has available an XL Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, which does not need any extra liquids to do its job.

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3X Cleaner Wipes

Antec has recently released some products dedicated to cleaning, and more precisely for dirty screens; through these we could enumerate the 100% Natural Spray, 100% Natural Wipes, 3x Cleaner Spray, 3x Cleaner Wipes, the XL Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and the Deep-Cleaning Gel (not featured inside this review.


3X Cleaner Wipes


Product Features:


Available in either 20-wipe or 100-wipe packages

Anti-bacterial: kills 99,9% of bacteria for over 24 hours

Alcohol & ammonia-free: designed specifically for electronically sensitive devices

Anti-static: continues to keep dust off your device even after cleaning

Fingerprint resistant: maximizes your screen's display

Unit Dimensions: 48 mm x 89 mm

Package Dimensions:

- 20p: 93 mm (H) x 103 mm (W) x 28 mm (D)

- 100p: 182 mm (H) x 103 mm (W) x 64 mm (D)

Net Weight:

- 20p: 68,0 g

- 100p: 326,5 g

Gross Weight:

- 20p: 91,5 g

- 100p: 383,0 g


As it was stated from the product features, these wipes come in 20 and 100 piece packs; the enclosures are made from transparent plastic so we can see how these wipes are packed inside:




On the back of the small box, we can see some of the product main features:




The wipes are packed in separate plastic bags, fully sealed and two by two:




On the back we can see what products are suited to be cleaned and Antec also advises that we should turn off the device before applying the solution:




For the first cleaning test we will use the screen of a relatively old laptop, filled with dust and some smudges here and there:




The wipe can be easily extracted after unsealing the box; what is worth to mention is the fact the 3X Cleaner Wipes tend to dry really fast so we must be quick if we do not want to use a secondary wipe to clean up the same screen (however, if the screen is really big, we don’t really have a choice):




After the screen has been properly cleaned, we cannot see any residues left; the anti-bacterial solution that is included here has a specific smell, but it should fade in a matter of minutes:




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