AC Ryan Playon!HD Mini 2 Full HD Network Media Streamer Review

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The Playon!HD Mini 2 Full HD Network Media Streamer from AC Ryan has a pretty small footprint and is able to stream multimedia content (videos, photos, music) right from our network; in case we have attached to it an USB Flash Drive or external HDD, we can play back the multimedia contents locally. The device can be also connected wirelessly to the network via an accessory sold separately.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The latest version of the Full HD Network Media Streamer from AC Ryan is named Playon!HD Mini 2 and comes packed inside a rather small cardboard box, with a photo of the product on the frontal side along with the logos of the supported technologies:




On one of the sides, the full list of specifications can be found on three columns, along with the logos of the supported Internet services:




Looking further, we can also discover the list of product specifications, written in multiple languages; on this same side we can see how the product interface looks like:




On the box we can also find a product description, along with a schematic of the connectors in the back of the device:




After opening the top side, we can find the device carefully wrapped in protective material:




The rest of the bundle is located inside a smaller white box:




Here is what we can find inside the previously mentioned box:


-Quick Installation Guide

-AC/DC adaptor

-Remote Control

-HDMI Cable

-Composite Cable

-Batteries for Remote




The Quick Installation Guide is written in multiple languages and describes with text and drawings how the hardware installation must be made:




The supplied power adapter is rated on the output 5V, 2.4A:




With the supplied remote, we can control all of the streamer functions:




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