XFX Radeon HD 7770 Black Super Overclocked Edition DD Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2012-02-21

The Radeon HD 7770 Black Super Overclocked Edition Double Dissipation is a video card from XFX featuring the new "Cape Verde" mainstream GPU. The card is cooled by the new dual fan cooling system from the same manufacturer, which is both efficient and silent, the GPU reaching no more than 65 degrees after 15 minutes of stress testing in Furmark. The card comes pre-overclocked and still has some headroom left without the need of raising the stock voltage.

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XFX Product Features

The XFX Radeon HD Black Super Overclocked Edition DD comes with a bunch of features and technologies concerning hardware design that XFX likes to call XFACTOR. These include:


•GPU Edging: Black Edition Selection Process

•Double Dissipation

•Ghost Thermal Technology

•Duratec: Solid Capacitors

•Duratec: IP-5X Dust Free Fan

•Duratec: XFX Bracket


GPU Edging is an exclusive XFX Black Edition Selection Process to identify the top 1% of GPUs capable of reaching maximum overclock speeds. But unlike factory overclock and maximum overclock which only increases wattage to increase clock speeds, the high quality Duratec components allows the manufacturer to do the same but keeping the overall card wattage the same as a standard card by lower overall wattage loss.




• Higher Clock Speeds than standard

• Same Wattage as standard cards

• Top 1% of GPUs

• Highest performance with same power


• Outperforms the competition time and time again


Ghost Thermal Technology -> Through rigorous testing and analysis, the manufacturer has discovered the optimal thermal design that allows air to pass through the heatsink directly to the PCB and core components. Older enclosed designs often trapped the heat creating a bottle neck at the exhaust, this can be remedied but at the cost of a higher fan speed which creates excess noise. The new design allows to keep the fan speeds lower while allowing the heat to dissipate evenly throughout the card.



• Greater Design Flexibility

• Better looking

• Aluminum material is light weight and cooler

• Greater Airflow


Double Dissipation -> The Double-D Dual Fan whether over heat-pipes or HydroCell offers up to 3x more air flow giving you up to 13dB quieter & 7°C cooler




• Slower Fan Speeds give you Up to 13dB Quieter

• Great airflow coverage give you Up to 7°C Cooler

• Directly cools heatsink, components and PCB

• Overheated components and PCB can also reduce performance


Solid Capacitors -> Solid Capacitors are more durable than Electrolytic Capacitors so they are designed last longer and withstand more heat.




• 40,000 more hours of operation than electrolytic


• Designed to withstand up to 105°C, and won’t



Dust Free Fans -> XFX graphics cards use IP-5X fans which offer the highest level of protection against dust and other foreign objects that can reduce the performance of fans overtime.




• Dust protected

• Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it

must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere

with the satisfactory operation of the equipment;

complete protection against contact


XFX Bracket Design -> Exclusive XFX Bracket design can lower your cards temperature by up to 20% by increasing airflow by up to 200%. This allows it to achieve better overclocking.




• Up to 20% Lower Temperatures

• Up to 200% (2X) Airflow

• Better Overclocking


The XFX fans are designed to use linear fan speed ramping controls so that fan speeds and temperatures are optimized to reduce excess noise:




• Generally quieter compared to traditional cards

• No excess fan speeds

• No over or under-cooling


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